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Mid-term Review 2020 Goals (Part I)

Today is 21st, September, 2020. The almost half of fiscal year 2020 has passed.

Towards the Annual Goals in 2020, how much was achieved? Let me review the goals in two blog posts.

2020 Goals Version 1

Progress Report

To be a recognized developer to tech community

1. Publish at less one ‘handcrafed’ web or mobile application

I start to work on a personal project from this May. The technologies that I use is Rails for backend and Vue.js for frontend. By this project, I entered the community of frontend to gain lots of knowledge and many brand new concpets.

Furthermore, I recognized the importance of rapid prototyping skill to me. As I always say, I never use the word “full stack” for it does not contain the information of goal. For me, “be able to do everything” is as same as “not be able to do anything excellently”. Therefore, I prefer to set clear goals for learning each new technology.

2. Post at less six articles with topic of development

The topic that I considered is as follows. I chose the cookies topic for it is quite useful to understand its mechanism in my current work. And I chose programming languages topic for it provides various viewpoints which might be helpful in the future career.

  • Understanding cookies in Rails

    • Session Cookies in Rails
    • Security of Cookies
    • Alternative of Cookies (JSON Web Token)
  • How to gain a different way of thinking by learning a new programming languages

    • Golang
    • Elm
    • Haskell

3. Contribute at less one pull request of code or document to open source community

The communities that I watch currently are as follows. Because it is relative easy to find out the issue and opportunity to contribute for the gem which I always use, here is the only criterion for selection.

And for practicing the OSS development, I also created the following tools and make them open-source this year.

So here the first part of my mid-term review. And the last part will be delivered tomorrow.