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Mid-term Review 2020 Goals (Part II)

The today’s weather is pretty good. Let’s continue reviewing my 2020 goals.

Progress Report

To find a entrance to verbalize and share my ideas or thoughts on life-long learning

1. Build a portfolio which can guide my own learning on professional competencies

My Professional Competencies is summarized in Notion. I feel this sub-goal really need a lot of time. So it is necessary to set aside time (for example, 3~4 hours per week) for it.

2. Start a blog to talk about it and continue updating it

It is why I started this blog. Currently, in order to turn writing into a habit, I choose the topics which is easy to write for me at the beginning. From this October, I will switch to some of topics to Education. Maybe, it is a good idea to write something on My Professional Competencies. Additionally, the series of blog posts on John Dewey’s educational philosophy is also an appropriate topic.

3. Find “nakama”(friends with similar ideas)

This sub-goal is quite important. But for achieving it, I need both effort and luck. To the effort part, this blog is essential for people to know who I am and what I am thinking.


As a conclusion of this mid-term review, my 2020 goals is revised and updated as follows. The significant achievement is that through those goals what can I improve myself (in other word, learning goals) is clarified.

2020 Goals Version 2